Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month

Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month

The month of January is designated Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month. Each week this month will have a theme that will help make the public more aware of the risk firefighters are put up against and to teach active firefighters how they could be more safe and aware. 

Current Week: Week 4

Week 1: The Scope of the Cancer Problem in the Fire Service

The first week of the Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month addresses why cancer is the number-one line-of-duty death in the fire service. Additionally, the content defines cancer, explains the scope of occupational cancer in the fire service, and identifies carcinogens, occupational exposures, and other chemicals found in products of combustion (e.g. smoke, etc.)

Week 2: Scientific Research Related to Occupational Cancer

With an understanding of cancer in the fire service, use this week to explore scientific research that identifies the link between occupational exposures and cancer rates among firefighters.

Week 3: Prevention, Education and Best Practices

Turn knowledge into action. Cancer is a big issue facing the fire service, but you can prevent or limit your exposure to carcinogens. This week addresses best practices that should be followed on the fire ground, at the station, and in your personal lives.

Week 4: Leadership, Survivorship, and Culture Change

Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month is nearing the end, but the work does not stop! Week four helps guide you through how to support people who have been diagnosed with cancer and provide resources to assist with organizational culture change that favors cancer prevention practices and how to get support from leadership.

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